Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Patio is done!!!

Our patio is done and I LOVE it!!!!  After taking out the sod our neighbor and friend John Michael, came over with his tractor and moved dirt to make it level and dug a trench for our drain.   James moved sprinklers around, capped some off and then put in the drain.  Next the concrete guy came and did his "thang".  Then the fun part, ordering patio furniture and all the "cutsie" stuff began.  The furniture I bought online from walmart and target.  I found the white sofa table on craigslist for a steal.  I love the ottoman because the top comes off so I can store pillows and cushions in it.  I just got the firepit today and I love it.  Usually firepits are not very deep and wide so you only get a few pieces of wood in it.  This one is very deep and wide, perfect for our backyard patio.  I also love that our bbq and picnic table is right there and visible.  I love the picnic table my dad built and it is nice to see it and use it often.  We eat meals out there quite a bit and just hangout.   We showed a movie on our house using our projector last weekend and it was awesome to not have to drag over chairs.  All we had to do was sit on the couch, swivel the chairs around snuggle in blankets and watch.  So fun!!!  (how many times did I say love)  ha!!