Sunday, December 31, 2006

New home

We moved into our home a few days before Thanksgiving. It is so nice to be settled. We love the big backyard but will not probablly do anything with it until summer. WE just walled off our formal dining room (which we would of never used) to make James office. It looks great and adds another room. Now we are just getting the baby stuff organized and getting ready. 4 wks left

Polar Express Train ride

We surprised the kids the last day of school and went on the polar express. We had such a fun time. Except Taylor was totally freaking out when Santa came in. So that is why there is just Derick and Kaitlyn in the pic with Santa. In fact the kids still think it's funny to ask Taylor,"Do you want to sit on Santa's lap?" and she yells NO!


Christmas candy with mom

The kids had a ton of fun making candy. The hardest part for them was not licking their spoon until we were totally done!!!