Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First day of school!!!!

Taylor sitting in her chair and coloring a picture. I told Olivia to tell Taylor goodbye and she gave her a big kiss and a hug!!!

Today is the big day, the first day of school!!! I can't believe they are back already, but I have to say it is nice. I don't know how we did it (or my mom) being on summer break for 3 months!!! After dropping off the kids we got home and me and Olivia just looked at each other like, "What now".

Taylor was so excited to go to school. We rode bikes all together and the older kids were gone before I could even say goodbye. Taylor marched right in and never looked back. All the other parents were hovering over their kid and lingering in the classroom so I thought I should too (just to look like I was devastated like them) Taylor looked so little compared to some of the kids esp. since she barely made the cut off, but is so ready and independent. I already do miss her but she is going to have such a fun time this year.

Group shot of all the kids

Derick 5th grade

Kaitlyn 3rd grade

Taylor Kindergarten

Olivia mommy school

Kids will be kids

These are just some misc. pictures of the last few weeks.

Kaitlyn's cute new haircut!!!!

Taylor helping make dinner

The kids built a castle using boxes and stuff. I have to say it was pretty cool and even had a drawbridge. The spent all day just hanging out in it, until Taylor and Olivia thought it was funny to knock it down.

Taylor and Olivia are quite the little buddies lately. They are so cute making up little games and dressing up. It's fun to see them actually entertaining each other and not bugging each other.

fireworks at cornfest

I'm behind on my posts. this is during "Brentwood Cornfest" and they have a huge fireworkds show. We just parked off the road, folded down the backseat and had a great time. We put the kids in their jammies, and brought hot chocolate and muffins to snack on. It's funny how just little things get the kids so excited.


We love using our firepit. There is nothing better then the smell and sound of a wood burning campfire. . . . . well maybe one smores!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Entrance


You have to check this out on youtube.
Copy and paste into your browser it is totally awesome!!!! I love it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dolphins at Santa Cruz

You can see the dolphins splashing. This video doesn't do it justice. There were literally tons of them, and they would jump totally out of the water, it was so cool!!!

Santa Cruz with David and Nicole

This weekend we went to Santa Cruz with James' brother David and his wife and son Josh. We had a blast. Every time I go to the beach I forget how easy it is and how the kids just love it there. The cool thing is that we saw a big pod of dolphins right off coast. It was so cool and they were jumping all over the place. It was amazing, I almost thought I was in Hawaii for a minute. Very Cool!!!! I'll try to post a video of it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Karlee's Summer Camp

So I'm trying to get the word out for one of my darling Young Women. Actually she graduated in 08 and has allready attended one year of college. She puts on a summer camp which is so stinkin' cute to earn money for school. She sent me this today with all the info so sign your daughters up!!!!

Girls Camp for the Summer!

July 13-17 and July 20-24
3-5:30 PM
$50 per week
girls ages 6-11

This is a fun week for girls to do cooking, sewing , crafts, games, and just have a good time with friends their age. If your daughter would like to participate please calll Karlee Rudd at 925-634-1690 and reserve a spot as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My kids are famous!!!

In July's issue of The Friend ( an LDS church magazine) our Brentwood 3rd ward primary has a picture in there. Derick is at the top a few over from the left, Kaitlyn is in the middle row smack in the middle, and Taylor is in the bottom row on the very left. The kids were pretty excited especially since Kaitlyn has been looking in the Friend for the picture for the past 9 months.

Here's the site if you don't have it. They are on page 42.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Zucchini anyone?

So our garden is growing awesome and we are getting a ton of veggies. My tomato plants are struggling this year but we have a plan for next year to help. I have quite a bit of zucchini and yellow squash. I have tried so many new recipes with my zucchini from chocolate chip muffins, to pasta with squash and on and on. My kids can't get enough of it as well as me. I go and check on the garden every other day and I'm always coming in with armfuls of food. The top pic is of our watermelon and cantaloupe. I had know idea they were producing anything until James ran in the house today yelling," you got to come see the watermelon," There's watermelon and cantaloupe everywhere. It is just below the vines so I couldn't see them. So exciting!!!!