Saturday, September 29, 2007

Derick's Flag Football

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Olivia is almost 8 months old and really getting around. WE just had to lower her crib yesterday because when we get her from her nap she is standing up.

New Haircuts!!!!

Nothing like the feeling of a haircut!!!! I had about 3-4 inches taken off after a disaster at supercuts. I've never had a bad experience there before until now so I had to go to this other salon and have it fixed and I love it now. Kaitlyn then wanted her hair cut and she wanted ti shorter too. It looks so cute.

I love decorating the house with Autumn decorations. My neighbors think I'm crazy with pumpkins and scarecrows out when it's still in the high 80's. I don't care I'm ready for cooler weather, leaves turning , and hot chocolate. Maybe I better take a trip to Colorado.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Olivia's tongue is out all the time lately.

Taylor loves wearing Derick's baseball hats.

The kids found the Halloween costumes and they dressed Taylor up in a costume that Derick wore when he was her age. I don't know about you guys but they look pretty identical!!!

My day came out and walked some sites with James. The kids were pretty excited.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Building the swing set

We put up the new swing this last week. It was in the 100's and not any fun at all!!! Poor James I'm sure lost 10 pounds. The kids kept jumping in the pool every few minutes to cool off. If you notice the last picture the kids put a little pool at the bottom of the slide. Taylor is loving her new swing set. In fact just today I hooked a baby swing on for Olivia and she almost fell asleep.

Taylor is swimming!! I cannot believe it little Taylor has a swimsuit with floaties built in it and she's always bugging me to take it off. So I did, thinking she would sink and she'd realize she needed her swim suit, BUT instead she started swimming. I couldn't believe it, she was totally swimming around. In fact she doggie paddles and then even goes under the water. The funny thing is that she insisted on wearing Derick's swim trunks.

I'm number one!!!!!!