Friday, August 31, 2012

Lot's of stuff

Here are a few pic's I wanted to share.  Taylor loves to read and sometimes likes to read Brett his bedtime story at night. 

Pauline from Paris sent us some chocolates all the way from France!!!

 Brett loves trains.  I loved watching him play with his batman mask on his head and particularly lining up his trains.

This was a picture of crazy hair day.  I braided the girls hair at night and this is what we got.  I kept trying to rat it and make it crazy poofy but Olivia kept pushing it down.   It didn't turn out crazy at all but super cute!!!!

I took Derick and some buddies to the Liberty JV game to watch our friend Alex Hull play.  Then they decided to have a sleepover.  James hooked up the xbox to the projector and the guys thought this was awesome!!!