Thursday, January 29, 2009

polynesian center and misc.

A view from on top of one of James' sites. My dad will appreciate the golf course right next to the ocean.

These trees were so cool and unique.

Part of the parade on water. It was so cool.

Polynesian Center Luau

The Luau had fantastic food and was organized so well. There were so many people there and we didn't wait long at all the food was so good!!!

They had just dug up the pig and you could smell it right away!!!!

Polynesian Center

This place was so amazing. I loved every minute of it and is worth every penny. I loved learning about the different cultures and there was quite a bit of "eye candy"

James was brought up on stage and participated in a fire making challenge.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laie, Oahu

We visited BYU Hawaii and I really hope at least one of my kids go there!!! Went by the temple

I am use to seeing fruit stands with peaches, apples and oranges I love this one!!!! PAPAYA, COCONUTS, PINEAPPLE, AVOCADO, MANGO!!!!! SERIOUSLY

Scenic pictures

I fell in love with Hawaii and the scenery. I loved the ocean and the beautiful beaches but I loved even more the inland with the mountains and vegetation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dole pineapple plantation

I'm slowly adding some pictures of of the things we did in Hawaii. I'll try not to put a million on here but there are so many to choose from. This is the Dole Pineapple plantation. This was interesting to me especially since I thought that pineapples grew on a big tree, like a coconut tree. But they actually grow on a top of a bush that is only a couple of feet high. We got a pineapple freeze here that is like a pineapple slushy that was soooo good.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I love technology

Ok so thanks to friends the card from Hawaii that I thought was long gone have been retrieved. Good to know if that happens that there are programs that can retrieve them. YEAH!!!! So stay tuned for my first FIVE days of my trip to Hawaii. . . . . . I'm sure you are all just stoked!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


So first of all Hawaii was amazing. I've never been to a warm clean (sea weed free) beach before. The water was beautiful and so was the weather.

Now the crappy part was that on day 5 I was taking some pictures and all of a sudden my camera said "card error". It wouldn't let me take any or see what I had taken. We put it in James camera and the pictures were gone. It worked for awhile and then errored again. SOOOO all of the sunset pictures, hotel, Polynesian Culture Center, temple, North Shore, Dole pineapple plantation and so many others are gone. I am just sick about it and maybe if I take it into someone they can retrieve them, I'm not holding my breath though.

So the only pic's I have is on the last day we went whale watching. It was the most amazing part of the trip. I thought we'd see them from far away but they were swimming under the boat in groups. The coolest part was seeing them under the water. You could see how enormous they water. They were beautiful and I loved it!!! So unless someone can get the pic's of the other card this is all I've got. OHHH I'm sad again I need some chocolate macadamian nuts.

hanging with our friends

So our friends were in Maui for a trip he had won for work. James had sites on Maui and so we got to spend a few hours with them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hawaii here we come!!!!!

On Tuesday I am flying out to spend a week here:

I am so excited james has some sites to go do and this is most likely his last time going. So he checked out flights and we got a round trip ticket for $300!!!!! I couldn't believe it. WE had to jump on this since the hotel and all of James stuff will be paid for. So my mother in law (AKA angel Maile) is coming for the first 4 days and then my adopted mother Marti Rudd is coming the other days, to watch the kids. I am so happy they are willing to help us out so we can go. I am so excited I've never been to Hawaii before and I am stoked!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowmobiling with Brian & Amy

Ok so I'm going backwards but oh well. We went to Colrado for Christmas this year and had a great time. It was a long drive but worth it. All of my family was there so that was cool. The kids loved everything about Colorado esp. the snow. I never thought I was going to get them in the car. The older kids said the best part was when they went up with my borther and his family to the cabin and snowmobiled and sledded. The snow was so deep that you had to park near the road and snowmobile in. They stayed with them for 2 nights up there and then me and James got to go up for a day and play in the snow. Taylor had strep so she stayed back with grandma and pa pa. It was such a great trip!!!!!!

James having a go on the sled. . . . and he's off!!!!

Mckenna turned 3 on the 27th!!!!

rock band

We all loved playing rock band!!!! I'm personally waiting for an 80's or country version to come out.