Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rain Rain Oh Please Stay!!!

I know it sounds crazy but I love the rain. Living in Washington state for over 5 years you get use to it. I loved the rain when I lived there I just got tired of never seeing the sun or blue skies. It hardly rains here in Cali. So today when I woke up and saw the completely over cast sky and could smell the rain I was ecstatic. So the little ones and I decided to go in the backyard while it was raining to run around and play in it. It's suppose to rain tomorrow too which stinks since it's Halloween but I don't care!!!

The girls tried to "taste" the rain.

Just look at that dreary gray sky!!! I love it because now I have a great excuse to snuggle in my Mariner's blanket, sip hot chocolate and watch an old movie. . . . I think Goonies sounds good!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm it!!!

Ok I'm finally doing a TAG!!!! Only because I'm totally bored today and it was from Kelli.

I am-the 3rd out of 4 kids.
I want-some mexican food from Colorado
I have-4 cute little kids
I wish-that they will all turn out good and be their for eachother their entire lives.
I hate-when people care too much about what others think of them.
I fear-what my children will go through in this crazy world of ours.
I hear-Taylor telling me that something dissapeared (hopefully it's not Olivia)
I search-for quiet, still moments every day.
I wonder-what time James will get home today.
I always-watch DWTS, the office, amazing race, and survivor
I usually-am on time.
I am not-excited about text messaging, kids need to learn to "talk" with people.
I am-good at last minute "parties" and coming up with scavenger hunts.
I dance-all the time like I'm on stage performing in front of thousands. (I'll post a video soon)
I never-ignore my friends when they need me.
I rarely-cuss
I cry-when I feel the spirit.
I am not always-good at keeping my mouth shut.
I lose-when we play Monopoly.
I am confused-why parents let their kids dress like _ _ _ _ (refer to - "I rarely")
I need-to finish my Christmas shopping so I don't have to worry about it.
I dream- about old boyfriends (weird huh)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Church Halloween Carnival

We had our church halloween carnival tonight and the kids had a great time. Olivia is freaked out by her Lion costume and she screams when I put it on her. My friend was taking pic's so I forced her to wear it for a minute to get a picture of all of them but then I had to take it off. Little stinker. When I get those pictures I'll post them.
I don't have a picture of Derick. I didn't see him almost the whole night.
A few of the youth who helped out.

Kaitlyn the pirate

Me and Emma

Lindsey painting a pumpkin on Olivia

Taylor the little angel . . . in HEAVEN!!!!!


I've noticed that we have been having some fun FHE's lately. Sometimes it's something thrown together last minute but the last few I've actually thought about. Yeah for me!!! Anyways we had our friends over for dinner and carving pumpkins and the kids had a great time. Amy made the "treat" with the pudding and smashed oreos (to look like dirt) and gummy worms. It looked super gross and the kids loved it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday best

I told Olivia to say a prayer and this is what she did. She always folds her arms but likes to see what's going on. In fact she likes to jump on the kids while they aren't peeking.

Kaitlyn wanted me to take a picture of her like this. (what a nut)

Little munchkin in her church clothes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Decorating cupcakes 101

For FHE we decorated cupcakes and had a fun time. Taylor isn't pictured because she fell asleep early (poor thing)

Olivia frosting with caution and precision

And then she gave up and went for it!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taylor's first field trip!!!

Taylor's preschool class went to Smith Family Farm. It is so cute with a corn maze, hay rides, country show, animals, and alot of other stuff. Olivia had just as much fun as Taylor.

Taylor making some flour.

Olivia threw her cookie in the pen right after I took this. If a little piggy gets sick. . . I know nothing!!

Class picture

Olivia putting the moves on her future husband!!! (right Natalie????)

Taylor LOVED the hayride and was obsessed with the tractor. I told her pa pa had a tractor and she was telling everyone that when we go to Colorado for Christmas she is going to ride on the tractor and four wheeler.

Monday, October 13, 2008

FHE cooking

The other day me and the kids were watching the food network and saw on everyday italian her make some yummy treats called "nutella ravioli". So we had a cooking class tonight and tried them. It is simply won tons brushed with egg around the edges, then a tsp. of nutella in the middle, fold over and squeeze edges together and then fry in oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. They were delicious and the kids had a great time. especially eating the nutella while cooking (Olivia's face says it all)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taylor's 4

Tay Tay turned 4 on the 4th!!!! When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said a bunny rabbit. Well we gave in and surprised her with one. I have to say it is pretty darn easy. Of course the other kids love it and have so much fun with it. Olivia is a little rough with it and likes to pound instead of pet it. So we have to keep an eye on her. She had a fun birthday with friends and family!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I couldn't decide which pic's to put on here so I put alot. Disneyland was soooo much fun!!! It was fun to see the kids favorite movies and characters come to life right in front of them. We are keeping the Disneyland jar out and saving for our next trip!!!!

Mickey and Minnie!!!!

Olivia LOVED the characters until they were within 5 feet of her. Poor cute little Minnie .

The kids loved Disney's playhouse show. Olivia and Taylor were mesmerized.

Neil, Jason, Me and James. That ride shot you straight up, it was awesome!!!!

Tower of Terror. . . . .our friends taught us a cool trick. Instead of paying for the photos at the end of the ride, you turn off your flash and take a picture of the screen!!!! We were crapping our pants on this ride . . it was awesome!!!!

These 2 went on everything they were tall enough to go on. California screamin, tower of terror, anything.

Girls allready for Disneyland!!!

Taylor was at the perfect age. Her little eyes would light up at pretty much everything. She loves buzz lightyear right now and so she was thrilled when she saw him.

Self portrait before we hit the coaster.

swimming at the hotel

Olivia loved having our friends with us. she would get passed around to everyone.

New ride Buzz lightyear. Taylor loved it!!!