Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brett 6 months

Half a year, that just seems impossible but it is. Brett is such a happy, go with the flow baby. Thank goodness for that or I'd be a nut case!!! At his Dr. appointment he weighed in at 15 lb 8 oz. (15%) and for height 2 ft. 2 inches (32%). He has 2 bottom teeth that you can see in the picture.

Oklahoma where the wind . . . . . .

Derick is done with his 5th grade state project. His state was Oklahoma and we all learned alot about the state whether we wanted to or not. He now just has his speech in a couple of weeks. I thought it would be cool if in the middle of his speech I came busting through the door singing "Oklahoma"!!! He thought that was dumb, BUT I think it would be awesome!!!!

Easter, Conference weekend

Here are some more pic's of Easter, Conference, weekend.

Brett holding Brett

Jami and Kate

Brett helping Taylor with her conference packet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jenkins visit from Washington

Last week our friends from Washington came down to see us. It was so nice to hang out and watch our kids reconnect. Derick and Kate are the same age and use to be best buds. It's funny how when they get older it starts to change. Now Kate and Kaitlyn hung out while Derick had fun with Zach who is 7. They all played so good together too.
It was also fun introducing them to the 2 little ones who they hadn't seen yet.
We went to the zoo, out to eat, drive-in movie and soaking up the sun (which Jami loved). I sure wish we lived closer to them, they are not only good friends but great examples!!!! I wish I would of taken more pic's but I forgot. . . or was it that Jami knows I have a blog and was avoiding me.
This guy was so stinkin' fluffy!!!

Derick and Kailtyn are in the very front and we are 2 cars behind them. Taylor was freaked out and I was trying to console her but cracking up at her face.

Olivia wanted to go on the carousel and me and James were pretty sure we'd get sick so Jami stepped in. Now Jami is Olivia's favorite!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Iron on

I love iron - on's!!! I made my girl piano students "who take their music home" some bags. I went to Michael's bought some canvas bags, ribbon and iron-ons. There were so many cute things and I'd never done anything like this so I was nervous that they wouldn't stay on. They turned out cute and the girls love them. Yay for trying something new!!!