Thursday, March 22, 2007

Olivia is all smiles!!!!

Olivia is now 6 weeks old and what a doll! She loves it when we get up close to her and talk "baby talk" She is so alert and strong! At the Dr. the other day she was exactly 6 weeks (yeah I was 2 weeks late) and weighed 12 lbs. When the Dr. put her on her tummy she was really trying to roll over. Looks like I got a Derick on my hands!!!

Helping mom plant flowers

For Christmas the kids got a John Deere gator with a bed in the back for hauling things. This was awesome when I was transporting flowers and potting soil to the back yard. Kaitlyn was WAY into it!!! The trick was catch Taylor before she pulled the flower heads off. I love 2 year olds!!!

Wishin' we had grass!!!!!

Derick's bowling Birthday party