Monday, April 1, 2013

Prepping for patio

We are putting in a patio for our picnic table and bbq and a seating are so we started taking out the grass this weekend.  I can verify that a sod cutter is a much easier way to take out the grass then a shovel.  After 10 minutes of shoveling me and Derick looked at eachother and said, "this is crazy I'm calling Ace Hardware."  30 minutes with that thing and we were done!!!!

Spring break fun

I don't think they slept in their own beds once over spring break.  It was a party in the toyroom, or living room or like the picture below Kaitlyn's room.  This was the first night Brett slept in his toddler bed and so we put it in Kaitlyn's room. 

Riding horses

The kids were on spring the last 2 weeks and we had a good time just hanging out doing some thing around town.  One day we went to our friends property and rode horses.  The kids had a great time and I just love going out there.  There were also some lab puppies they got to play with.