Thursday, January 31, 2013

My New Laundry Room

So my dryer quit on me a few weeks ago and so we bought a new washer and dryer.  That poor dryer hung in there for about 6 months with it running so loud that even with the door closed it was an awful noise.  So before the washer and dryer came I wanted to freshen up the laundry room.  
I didn't take a pic before I started painting the cabinets but they were an oak.  I painted them a clean and fresh white which turned out so great.  Especially since my friend Emma came over and gave me a quick (painting cabinets 101) lesson.   Thanks Emma!!!  I can now say that I love painting cabinets since I've learned how to do it correctly.
I painted the walls the same color as I did the toyroom.  Picked out some hardware for the cabinets, found the shelf/clothes hanger which I love to hang my non dryer items.  Made a pedestal stand for the washer and dryer, found an adorable rug, picked out some cute items to go with the room and I was done.   I love my new laundry room and the washer and dryer is incredible.  I pulled a chair in the other night and turned on the washer light and watched an entire load wash.  It was amazing!!!!

Boring white appliances, white walls nothing real exciting!!!!

Painting the pedestal that the washer and dryer is going on.  I love this because I store my laundry baskets on top so I measured so that I had a clearance of 16 inches, just enough space to fit my baskets.  I also tucked away the cat liter which I REALLY love!!!!!
                                                     Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toy Room Redo

I painted my toyroom last week and it turned out cute.  I didn't take a before picture but just picture a WHOLE lot of white going on.  I love the gray paint with the white trim.  I also put our projector and xbox on shelves with cord hiders.  I left the screen white so it is easier to see.  I put up some vinyl and cutsie movie theme decor and voila it is done!!!  I need to make black out curtains so during the day it is easier to see, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family Pictures

Since our entire family was together, and we never know when that will happen next, we got a photographer to take pictures.  I loved the way they turned out!!!

Christmas in Colorado

For Christmas we went to Colorado to my mom and dads.  Janae's and Mark's family made it down too so we were all together.  We had a ton of fun!!!  Here are all the pic's from that week and I'll make comments on some of them.

Our family tradition of opening up jammies on Christmas Eve!!!

 My dad found some old video footage of him and his family when he was just a little guy and he dubbed it onto a DVD.   Here is a pic of my grandpa watching it and in awe!!!

 Cousins had so much fun playing together.  I love the pic below because we laughed so hard the entire time.  Oh what a great time we had!!!

 xbox 360 on the patio was a huge hit!!!!  In fact I hardly saw Derick the whole week.

 Big Ole' slumber party!!!

 The day after christmas we went to our church and played some basketball.  It started out 5 on 5 full court but that lasted about 2 minutes before everyone was getting side cramps and about to pass out.  We then played a mean game at half court, and lightning!!!!

 Olivia and McKenna were both on medicine for ear infections so we would have a night "Cheers" for them taking their medicine.

 We all went up to my Grandma and Grandpa Claunch's house to hear some music.  They have been playing music their entire lives and alot for dances around the valley.  My kids with living so far away had never heard them play and so they enjoyed hearing and singing some songs with them.

 Where I grew up is full of deer right now.  It was crazy to drive around and see deer practically everywhere, walking on sidewalks, on the baseball fields, around the college dorms, I mean everywhere.  I have never seen anything like it.  The pic below was taken when we were driving around looking at Christmas lights and I saw this buck and thought it was a lawn decoration.  I turned around and shined my lights on it and it turned it's head.   WHAT!!!  Yeah I was 15 feet away and it just sat there staring at me.   So fun for all of us!