Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Swimming with friends

Derick finally has his gun!!! This kid has wanted a bb gun for a long time and we finally decided he was responsible enough and he had saved up enough money. This is the first time he tried it out with James in the backyard. Notice he had to have his camaflouge vest on.

James and Derick and our friends, who live 2 houses down, went to a preseason football game. Of course James and D were sporting the Broncos colors, while our friends were going for the 49ers. They had a great time!!

Can you tell which one doesn't belong?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cardon's came to visit!!!

Our good friends from Washington stopped by overnight for a quick visit. It was fun to see them and how fast the kids grow in just a year and a half. Kaitlyn and Zach picked up right where they left off. Me and Shauna are working on an arranged marriage. Maybe we could use some of these pic's for the slideshow!!!! Taylor was little when we moved from Washington so didn't know who they were, but was very smitten with Nik (the oldest). As for Derick not more than 2 minutes of them getting out of the car, the boys were throwing the football around and having a great time. I sure wish they lived closer.

Cardon family and the new pet dog!

I guess we know who wears the pants in our family!!!

James had some sites in Oregon this week and was gone 3 days. The last night after school, shopping, errands, swimming lessons, scouts, and a family picnic put on by Kaitlyn's class I was done. Poor little Olivia was my way to unwind. Yep no drinking after a long crazy day, I just dress my kids up goofy.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Oh my goodness Taylor got out perfection and wanted to play it. Well she's never played this game before and so I pushed it down set the timer and GRABBED THE CAMERA!!!! When it popped up she jumped pretty high. I got the last part of it on camera. I asked her if she wanted to play it again and she said," No dat's scary game."

Wait for me!

Taylor dedided today that she did not want to stay home with me and that she was going to go to school wiht the kids. She grabbed her tiny little lunch box and took off after them. I guess I'm not as fun as I thought I was.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First day of school

July 31 and it is the first day of school. The kids were very excited (well at least I was) to start another year. The kids rode their bikes while I walked with Taylor and Olivia. Kaitlyn didn't want me to go with her because she wanted to go by herself!!! What a nut! anyways it is great to be able to let them ride their bikes to school with the neighbor kids.

For a Laurel activity we had a "big fat group date" at my house. The girls earlier that day decorated our toyroom with x-mas lights and such. Then them and their dates had a big dinner. Kaitlyn and her friend Taylor were the waitresses. Later they played games and chatted. The boys left around 10:30 and the girls stayed for a sleepover. It was a very fun night.

Big Fat Group Date