Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am going backwards with my posts. So scroll down to the Wedding Brunch to start and then go up from there. Then you will see our trip to Utah.

Cabela's with Grandpa

This place was AWESOME!!! We all had such a great time looking at all the animals, shooting range, everything. Olivia was mesmerized just like her grandpa Gray.

I didn't think we were ever going to get away from this place. And I'm talking about me. It was so fun I could of stayed there shooting all day long.

my sister in law makes jewelry and they have an account with Cabelas. Here is her display. Pretty exciting, way to go Amy.

Fun at Aunt Beth's

On Sunday we went to Aunt Beth's house to eat and let the kids play. We all had so much fun playing football and baseball. And the little ones playing with the rabbits and chickens.

Friendly football game

Jo Jo and girls

me and Jo Jo

Kaitlyn and the chicken

Wedding Reception?????

The country club had a bowling alley that Chris and Sarah rented out for the kids. So during the reception they had a babysitter and we had the big kids go bowl while we enjoyed the reception. Great planning guys!!!! Anyways it was alot of fun and I think the BIG BIG kids enjoyed it as well.

David, Keith, James aka "BIG BIG kids"

Wedding Dinner

"I can't believe they haven't taken this away from me yet. "

The kids had quite a spread!!!! Crazy that the big kids had their own table. At one point I went over to check everything out andKaitlyn was teaching everyone the proper way to hold the wine glass and to say cheers before you take a sip. She's so funny!!!

Kaitlyn and baby Brenna

The Wedding

All the cousins minus Josh and Brenna.

These two are kindred spirits. They sincerely love eachother and could not be separated the whole time. Look at other pictures and you'll see them always by eachother.

Olivia chillin' with the boys.

They sure do love their Aunt Sarah!!!

I told Olivia to say a prayer and this is what she does. how sweet!!!!

Kaitlyn and Aunt Nicole and Josh

We were waiting to take pictures and Olivia found the cord for the blinds and pretended it was a phone.

Family picture
Flower girls

Wedding Brunch

Olivia holding cousin Josh while the big kids think they are funny doing bunny ears.

Taylor holding Josh. . . I think Josh is done.

Keith holding their little baby Brenna and Sarah's HUSBAND Chris.

Olivia is obsessed with saying mama. It is cute. . . until you are in a minivan driving 11 hours to Utah. Here's a little sample for ya:

Sarah's Wedding

We just got back from Utah for Aunt Sarah's wedding (James sister). We had such a fun time hanging out with family and lots of other stuff.

15 minutes into the drive I hear Derick say, "uh mom look at Taylor." This is what I saw!!!!

Apparently in the crayons and coloring books was a red PERMANENT marker. Yeah Taylor decided to put on some lipstick and paint her nails for the wedding!!!!! suuuper

Dress Rehearsal Kaitlyn and Taylor were some of the flower girls. In case you can't tell Taylor is dragging poor Meagan down the stairs. That wedding coordinator hadn't seen anything until she had to take on Taylor!!!!!

oops wrong way. . . we need to get back on track.. . . . . come on!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kaitlyn's haircut

I absolutely love her haircut. It just tucks behind her ear and then is short and stacked up in the back. This is the shortest she's ever had it and it is cute and spunky just like her!!!!

Volleyball Banquet

The boys after they received their gag gifts!!!

Tonight was our volleyball banquet. It was fun to see the guys again and give them awards and some funny stuff. It was a great group. . . . most of the time!!!!

FHE fun

For Family Home Evening we went over to Bishop and Vicki's house to swim. The kids had so much fun swimming with Bishop and Parker. Taylor at the end took off her life jacket and was swimming all around. She is such a little fish. We ended the night with smores around their fire pit. What a fun night!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We went with some friends to a Stockton Ports (triple A) baseball game. It was so much fun. In between innings they have fun entertainment for the kids, the tickets are only $7 (we were right on first base close to the field, and it is very laid back. After the game they had fireworks. We are definitley going back, the kids had a great time.