Friday, May 28, 2010

Big D on Diamondbacks

I realized I haven't been taking any pictures of Derick's games this year. And since they are almost over I took a few at the last game. I don't like to take pic's as often of them in sports because I just want to sit and watch, AND keep track of Taylor and Olivia. Derick this year has been in a hitting slump. I've felt bad for him to watch him get frustrated at what has always come so easily for him to all of a sudden struggle at. He had a golf swing and was rarely connecting with the ball. (I think I'll sign him up for golf lessons) However I am happy to report that the last 3 games he's gotten hits and on base which has boosted his confidence. As for defense they keep him at short stop, 2nd and catcher. I love watching him scoop up a hard grounder and get the guy out at first.
They are in the playoffs right now and have won 2 of their games. They play next week in the semifinals. Go Diamondbacks!!!

Visit from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris

Sarah and Chris was following the Tour de California bike race and so we got to see them a few days. We had alot of fun hanging out, bowling, playing cards and visiting with them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Come on summer!!!

I'm ready for summer!!! Last weekend was beautiful and the kids talked us into setting up the slide. It was so nice to have the kids playing in the water enjoying the sunshine with friends. I can't wait for summer to hang out and have NO schedule!!!!