Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!!!

One house had scary lights, and music and a werewolf answered the door. Taylor ran back and this is her looking back at the house. Poor kid, I'll just buy her a box of candy!!!

Olivia was Dumbo and I couldn't get enough of those big ole' ears!!!

They got so much candy. In fact Taylor was dragging her bag the whole time and it is pretty hammered.

Trying to get a good pic of all 4 of them is just ridiculous!!!


All bundled up and ready to go!!!!

Taylor was the hardest one to have sit still for pic's. In every one she is dinking around.

Perfect costume for Taylor.

School parade

I love the kids school. Every year they do a Halloween parade and this year I decided to dress up the 2 little ones too. Taylor loved seeing all the costumes and her brother and sister. I loved being able to walk with the doubles stroller and avoiding all the crazy moms trying to park their hummers!!!

Church Halloween Carnival

The youth put on the carnival this year and had a great time. The first few are some of the girls.

Carving pumpkins and decorating cookies

There was about a pound of frosting and sprinkles on those cookies. Can you say "tummy ache".

Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st Annual Halloween Party!!!!

We decided to start a traditon of having a Halloween costume party every year. It was fun to see the different costumes and have a good time with our friends. We even gave a surprise to the best boy and girl costume, voted on by all the guests. I don't want to be receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls so I had them all vote. It was alot of fun and I'm allready thinking about next year's party.

Nacho VS Nacho
Barney and Betty Rubble. . . . poor James I promise next year you can be a Jedi!!!

Antique ghosts. She won for best girl costume.

Pretty Princess and Captain Hook

Nacho Libre and Nun

Ok so don't give them crap!!! They just came from a wedding reception that she helped with the food. I'm glad they even came at all. We decided they were dressed up as: Mormon girl and Mormon boy, and don't they just look the part. They should be on the next pass along card: "Families are Forever"

Barbie and GI Joe (that's a real bazooka)

Their inner selves: queen and geek

Nacho Libre and nun

ok so I had to put two of them. Leslie put together his outfit and Miguel did some extra stuff. Notice the drawings on his shirt and even under arm hair, way to go Miguel. I am convinced. . . . he IS Nacho Libre and he just might think he is also!!!! He won for best boy costume.

Dynamic Disco Duo

Bath Buddies!!!!

Taylor and her little buddy had WAY too much fun playing in the dirt so the only thing to do was. . . . to put them in the tub. When I drained the tub the bottom of it was filled with dirt. Girls!!!!