Friday, December 21, 2007

It's funny how some traditions just happen. Making christmas treats is one of those and is now our favorite part about Christmas. I've really thought alot lately about making lasting and meaningful memories that eventually the kids will pass down to their kids. Something that was cool today was using my Grandma Great's nut chopper, which is the kids favorite part and something Taylor can do. It's fun to see all of the kids anticipate making the goodies and working together and having a good time doing it. They are so much fun!!!!
I made some treats the other day while they were at school and they freaked out!!! I told them I didn't make the 2 kinds that they liked to make and that helped a little. So today (while Olivia took a 3 hour nap!!!) we had the Christmas music going, aprons on, and continued our special tradition of making candy.

Licking the bowl clean!!!!!

I told Derick to act natural. . . . . he didn't get it!

Our neighbor and good friend Taylor (on the left) was over today and had fun helping.