Monday, March 1, 2010

Big D turns 11

Derick turned 11 last week and I can't believe it.  For his party he wanted to go to a paintball place but I figured it would be around $350.  So instead we had an airsoft gun war in our big back yard.  Most of the kids have their own gun and so for the few who didn't we had some extras.  James set up ply-board and other things all over the hard for them to hide behind.  I think they all had a great time and Derick was in heaven.  Nothing like a whole bunch of 11 year old boys running around with all the cool gear shooting each other.


Loveable Luceros said...

James in the background of the last picture cracks me up!!!!!

The Gray's said...

That is such a funny picture! They look like a bunch of "hoodlums"! Dave told me that he talked to James about it, and James said that he has a bunch of bruises on his legs from getting hit by the bullets! I can just imagine James running around the backyard with all of those boys! What a fun idea though! Happy birthday Derrick!

The Claunch's said...

who is the big 12 year old in the back row? He looks just like "Nacho Libra" ha ha ha Way to go James!!!