Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First day of School

Today is the first day of school and it seems weird. Usually I am anticipating the first day of school but this year I had mixed feelings. Summer went by way to fast first of all and then Derick is now in middle school which is just weird. I can remember when my friends had their kids going to middle school and I thought,"that is so far away for me." But here we are!!!
Derick was nervous this morning and I told him that was normal. I also told him if you don't know where to go or what to do just ask!!! But you know how boys and men are so we'll just see. Kaitlyn was excited to get a teacher she had in 2nd grade (Mr. Gilbride) who she just adores. Taylor was excited to get Kaitlyn's old 1st grade teacher (Mrs. Goelz). When we got to the school she is so cute and independent, marching right to her line and waiting. Then as they walk into the room she gives me a little wave.
It's always fun to see the parents the first day of school. One thing I always don't do is overreact. You know the parents that smother their kids (who are totally fine) and cry and act ridiculous who then make their kids nervous and sad and then leave them crying and hysterical. Then they stand by the door watching to see how their kid does. And then when the teacher politely closes the door they peek through the windows. I saw a few of these this morning.
On our bike ride home from the school Olivia says,"it's just a mommy, olivia and brett day." Then when we came in the house she asked me for lunch, NO , snack, NOT YET, capri sun, NO and a poptart, NO and on and on. Oh heaven help me!!!!

The whole clan!!!

Taylor 1st grade (Mrs. Goelz)

Kaitlyn 4th grade (Mr. Gilbride)

Derick 6th grade


Cori said...

Wow school already? We still have a month here!! Your kids are getting so big!!

Anie said...

Cute first day of school pics! Ya, thinking about Madi going to middle school is "SO far away for me!!!" And I don't even want to think about it going by fast. I love Olivia's comment of, "Its just a Mommy, Olivia, and Brett day." Very cute! We're looking forward to hanging out tomorrow! See ya in the morning!