Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vacation at the cabin.

So my kids are on a 2 week break and we went up to a cabin for 4 days. It was so much fun esp. since this cabin belongs to a ranch that has many recreation facilities. There was swimming and a water slide where you are right in the woods sliding down, mini golf, tennis, ping pong, badminton and more. Then there is a lake for fishing and swimming where they have life jackets and tons of boats and kayaks for you to use. On Sunday we watched conference and then went exploring after. There is no internet or cell service which was awesome.
Right now the leaves are turning and the foliage was beautiful. We saw tons of deer right next to the road and wild turkey's. All and all it was a great get away for our family.
I forgot my camera when we went to the lake and pool so here is a website to see what it looks like. The great thing is there was no one there so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves, and the weather was beautiful!!!!


Anie said...

How FUN!!! What a nice family break away from real life. That's incredible that you guys basically had the whole place to yourselves. How'd you hear about this place anyway?? What a fabulous conference weekend!

GO Gray's said...

It was awesome Anie, It is where we had the bachelorette party that your mom was at. It's my friend's ex husband's cabin.