Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jammies for Christmas Eve

What would Christmas eve be for our family with out matching jammies!!! We even went to target that day and the kids picked out their own slippers. Kaitlyn- pink , little girls - fluffy princess (shocker), Derick and Brett - camo. Derick thought that him and Brett matching was pretty cool!!!


Good Time Charlie said...

Yay for jammies on Christmas Eve. I had the same tradition growing up, and my kids have been doing this since they were old enough to open a present. Have a wonderful New Years!

Anie said...

LOVE the twin jammies! I need to start doing that. My mom got matching jammies for the girls last year, but I was a total slacker this year and didn't even look. Makes for much cuter morning pics. My girls were mismatched rag-a-muffins this year! :)

PS. How do you always get your kids to look like they are perfect children and the best of friends?!?! I LOVE all the group shots you get with the 5 of them! SO SOOOO CUTE!