Friday, June 17, 2011

Kaitlyn is double digits

Kaitlyn, my little fire ball has turned 10. She had a few friends over and had a jam packed night. First they swam and jumped on the tramp forever. Then they ate pizza and soda, then swam some more. Next they went on a treasure hunt that me and Derick made for them. It was cute, the clues sent them to some neighbors and they made them sing and make up cheers for Kaitlyn before they got their next clue. They all said that was their favorite part!!! ( Yay for not having to spend a couple hundred dollars and some big bounce house right!) Anywho they ate the cupcake cake, opened presents and then went night swimming and jumping on the tramp. Lastly they all watched a movie in the tent and camped out. I LOVE that they were in the tent and in the morning they all got up and jumped and played outside so they didn't wake up the little ones.
So all in all it was a great party...... with great friends..... for a GREAT little young lady!

Posing for the camera. (I think Taylor and Olivia were more excited than anyone)

Starting her b-day off with her breakfast of choice, hashbrown, fried egg and orange juice.

Jumping on the tramp at night and then snuggling up in the tent to watch a movie.

Just chillin' in the pool!!!