Monday, November 21, 2011

Oops. . . . . . my bad!

Remember my post awhile back when I did a makeover on James office. Well let me tell you about what I did:
Right after that we went on a cruise (ill post pic's later) when we got back and would go in James office it smelled weird. We looked behind his desk in his closet trying to figure out what it was. I'm not gonna lie it was a "funky" smell and my money was on a rotting sippy cup of milk hidden somewhere. Well one night I was in his office and I had only socks on and I stepped behind his chair to close his blinds, BINGO it was soaking wet. I immediately got a hold of someone to come out. So the next day he cut a small hole in the wall and found out which pipe was leaking. It was our shower drain from our master bedroom right above. He then said that he would have to keep cutting away the wall to determine where the leak was. Well as I stood back and looked at the pipe I followed it up and it matched exactly where I had screwed in an anchor for a shelf I put up. Yeah I drilled into the pipe!!! Luckily we were able to dry everything out so we didn't have to replace carpet or padding. However we did have to fix the pipe, drywall, retexture, molding and paint, (when I say WE I mean HIM) Anyways I'm glad it is all done and I learned to check with a nail before pulling out the drill.
The funny thing is if I'm hanging something I hate using the drill and using anchors. I'll usually shortcut it with nails and just hope it doesn't fall down on someone. The only time I do it the correct way and this happens.

Kaitlyn letting you all know how gross it smelt.


Loveable Luceros said...

hahahahahahahaha. That is soo Funny!!! (sorry) Way to go "Tim the tool man" LOL