Monday, January 2, 2012

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Back in October we went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise with our friends. This was our first cruise and I loved it. The only thing I will change is not putting the motion sickness patch behind my ear. I was fine the first 3 days but when I switched them out, my eyes stayed dilated and that me we a little woozy. Anyways we went to the bahamas, grand turks, and I just loved it. We flew in early and got to hang out in miami beach for a day. It was fabulous and we are saving up for our next cruise!!!

In Grand Turk we went to the "drop off" and scuba dived. The coolest experience ever. James even dove down deep and touched a reef shark. It was so amazing and the colors were exactly like finding Nemo!!!

Nassau Bahamas. Lounging around and buying alot of stuff from the locals. Wasn't my favorite place but still cool to visit once.