Monday, November 24, 2008

Changing of the guards

So I was released from Young Women's yesterday and I was sad. As most of you know I love working with the youth and involved in their lives. The girls are so sweet and I will miss spending time with them. So now I am in the Primary Presidency. I went into primary yesterday for awhile and am getting excited for this new calling. First of all the women I am serving with are incredible and so I'm sure I will learn alot from them. Second I love kids so it will be nice to try to connect with and teach these little ones. However some of these "little" ones can get on my "little" nerves so I will be learning patience and tolerance as well!!! Anywho for the YW and YM who read this I'll miss you but it's not like I moved to china so I'll be around. . . . watching you. . . . .always watching!


Jeff said...

I know! I heard over the pulpit you were released and I was SHOCKED.

Jenibelle said...

Like I told to be you!! That is my nightmare calling. But you are sweet and fun, you'll be great! Too bad I don't have any more little ones!