Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Midnight Madness!!!!

Well I did it!!! I went to my first ever opening midnight movie. I have to say it was alot of fun talking with the girls and discussing the book, life, boys, and anticipating the movie.
There was so much energy in that theatre it was hilarious!!! We're talking tons of teenage girls, moms of all ages and even some ladies in their 60's, it was fun to see.

When the movie started the girls screamed. . . . when they showed Edward for the first time. . . . they screamed. . . . When Edward was close to Bella. . . . . they screamed and shrilled. It was funny to listen to them.

My review: I liked it. I wanted so much more but I know it would be impossible to fit a 500 + page book into a 2 hour movie but I wanted it to have everything!!! One of my downfalls was I wanted Edward to be more suave. In the book he is so charming and cool and collected always at ease. In the movie I felt he was a little stiff. There were moments where he would relax and be charming and I loved that. Bella was cute her friends were right on what I pictured. I also wanted Alice to be more "cutsie". A high pitched little ball of energy!!!
All in all it was "twilight" so that right there makes it awesome. I wonder if they would consider doing a 6 hour movie if they decide to do more. Ok so let me know what you all thought of the movie.
Proof that I was crazy (or cool) enough to be at a movie at midnight. Can you tell I'm excited!!!

The girls: Elissa, Lindsay, me and Sadie (AKA HUGE smile)


fawndear said...

Glad I'm not the only crazy twilight midnight mom out there.

Your spot-on about Edward. He had his good and bad screen moments.

Maybe if they make more of the series into movies they will now have the budget to do a better job?

The Jeffs Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I thought of you at Spencie's 1:30 feeding--I almost called you! :) I had fun watching it. We should go again once all the fuss dies down!

natalie tenney said...

I had so much fun at the mid-night showing. I was also very entertained by all of the screaming girls. I even joined them a few times just for fun. I went again tonight with my husband, and I'm going tomorrow with my mom. I might even go on Monday when the kids are in school. I know, I know, I'm a little crazy like that. I agree with most of your review but over all I loved. I think over Christmas break I'll read the books again, for the third time. Do you think that maybe I need to get a life? Ya probably.

Jeff said...

Who didnt see that movie opening with all the hype? haha!

Cori Benson said...

Kelly has seen it 3x now and my mom and alex have seen it 2x. And then there's me ... who hasn't seen it...or read the books!

Jennifer said...

I DID IT!!! I finally finished the book this morning and now I get to go see the movie. It was a great book! I actually thought ..."wow, I want a vampire family to play with!" :)

Jennifer said...

OK ... I saw the movie last night and I wanted to cry .... NOBODY told me a movie is NEVER as good as a book!