Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our friends gave us an alive crab today!!! We filled the sink with water and it was moving all over the place. It mesmerized and freaked out Olivia and Taylor. Anyways that night we boiled it up and ate it. Me, Derick and Kaitlyn loved it!!!

Had to get a bigger pot because it was too big for this one!!!


Stephanie said...

Was the water boiling when you put him in!? Sad! I think I would cry if I had to cook my own live animal to death. But crab IS delicious! Glad your kids liked it, too. Thats awesome.

Jeff said...

Wow! Im not sure I could drop it in boiling water alive. Ahh!

GO Gray's said...

it was hard. All the kids were standing around and I dropped it in. Me and James looked at eachother and were like," uhhh that's kind of sad" I'm glad I don't have to live somewhere where we do that alot. Surprisingly the kids were not freaked out. Weird though.