Thursday, April 2, 2009

Voodo needle was it wrong or right????

Well I had my appointment the other day and they did an ultrasound. I met my doctor for the first time and he was super nice. I'm sure he did not think the same of me after I told him I thought I might be having twins because of the needle. He thought it was actually funny and said,"well we'll soon find out."
Now right after I did that needle thing I was sort of excited about the possibilities of twins. HOw fun is that and different and so I was pumping up for it. Then the last few weeks before my appointments I started freaking out. Actually thinking about double the diapers, double the feedings, a new car, etc. So when I went in to my appointment I was very much wanting to see only one little baby.
So he did the ultrasound and there is one baby. Yippeee!!!! I've never had an ultrasound at 12 weeks before, usually they just listen for the heartbeat. It was crazy the baby on the monitor looked like a normal size baby and you could see the little arms moving around and stuff. Anyways I feel relieved to have heard the heartbeat and seen this little baby. Now I'm just waiting for the sickness to leave.
Kailtyn has been into reading and looking at my week by week pregnancy book and the other day I was having a rough day and she said,"Well mom you are almost done with your first trimester so you'll probablly be feeling better soon." HOw cute is she!!!! Anyways that's our news for now. Natalie now you can have dreams of me and just one baby.


natalie tenney said...

Stupid voodo needle! Congrats! One baby at a time is definatly enough.

The Gray's said...

Hooray! Only one kid at a time! That is such a relief huh! Congrats!