Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Bretty Boy!

Brett turned 1 on the 18th and we had a big bash to celebrate.
First of all some facts about Brett.
He is the happiest and cutest baby ever!!!
He has a mouthful of teeth.
At his 1 year appt. he weighed 19lbs. 4 oz. (6%) height was 2' 5.5" (40%)
( I'm just proud that I actually took him in just days after his 1 year mark!!!)
He doesn't like to drink from a sippy.
He doesn't like whole milk so I'm gradually adding it in to his formula.
He has the cheesiest smile and you can barely see his eyes when he does it.
When he wants something he has a high pitched girly scream that is cute right now but will soon be annoying.
He is super mellow and loves to snuggle and read books.

Mom are you kidding me, don't put that on me!

This hat is dumb!!! Take it off!!!

Oh Yeah. . . life is good again!!!

What would I do without good friends!!!

I don't get it. . . what's going on here. . . . there is a chocolate cake right in front of me, within grabbing distance and no one seems to care.

He had his fun, now he's in the tub.

ummmm I just love him!!!

speaking of friends, my friend Kelli is taking the pic's however she is the kind of friend that instead of telling the kids to keep their fingers out of the cake she eggs them on and takes 100 pictures of them doing it, chuckling to herself the whole time!!!!



Good Time Charlie said...

He does have the best smile. Happy birthday to my best littlest friend.