Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giants world series parade

James and Derick went with some of our friends into San Francisco today for the 2010 World Series Champions Giants parade. The plan was to ride BART but the lines to get tickets were out the door so they had no other choice but to drive. This was a good thing because James showed them where to park and they came out right where the parade was starting. They were so close to all the players just hanging out waiting for the parade to start. They watched as they got the players up on the trolley's and everything. James is still smiling and Derick said it was just awesome!!! Here are a few pic's James took. Literally a few. James took a total of 12 pictures. If I would of been there there would of been 112!!!

Fear the beard!!!!
Posey is just adorable!!!



Jenibelle said...

Jeff had the BEST time, I can't wait to see his pictures. Good times. Lot of happy.

Good Time Charlie said...

I can't believe he got so close! What amazing memories those boys got to have today. Being a native born Bay Area girl, I have just enjoyed this whole thing to no end. How fun!!!