Friday, October 29, 2010

Costumes galore!!!

My goal this halloween was to not buy any costumes. Having 5 kids we have a ton and this was a year where all I wanted was them to look through our costume bins and pick something. WEll it worked out and is fun to see the little ones in costumes that the older kids wore a few years ago. Since my kids look so alike I love comparing them. I'll post some later of side by side pictures in the same costume to see the similarities.

Brett was Raggedy Andy and Dumbo this year.

Taylor the pirate

Kaitlyn the evil witch. . . lady. . . person thing (whatever)

At our music makers party we all dressed to match. Brett hated the hat so for the pic's I had to hold his hands.


D.C. Butler's said...

So, cute! I love the Raggedy Anne and Andy! ADORABLE!!!!!

Loveable Luceros said...

I love it!!! Your kids are sooo stinkin cute. I wish I could be there to see them. Brett is just the cutest wutest little Dumbo I have ever seen!!!!!

Anie said...

I LOVE lOve LOVE your new top header pic! You better get that one blown up and framed in your house. YOur kids are SO cute and together just look like the bestest of friends. Love the Halloween pics. Great costumes! I'm excited to have Elle wear the same costumes Madi wore and see how similar they look at the same age. I bet that's fun to see!