Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picking out the Christmas tree

We love our fake trees and have had one for almost 10 years. Well this year we decided to get a real tree. We went to a local tree farm that is adorable. Christmas light everywhere, a big bonfire to stay warm, hot cocoa for a quarter, all that stuff. The kids thought it was so cool that we could pick our tree. So we chose one put it on the van and away we went. When we got home Derick cut off some of the lower branches. As we set it up it smelt so good and looked beautiful, then I turned and saw all the needles everywhere. This totally bugs me but James reassured me that our heavy duty car vacuum would pick them up which they did. So far so good, I love the real tree. . . I just hope I say the same after Christmas!!


The Gray's said...

Hey Brett where are your hands? That coat is a little puffy! Shall I call you George? So cute!

GO Gray's said...

yes call his George. Every time I need that coat I say,"kids go get the George Costanza coat!"