Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was filled with my 3 favorite things: Friends, Food, Funky dance moves. The mom's kicked the kids off the Wii Just Dance game so we could show our stuff. It was so much fun to dance to New kids on the block and other AWESOME songs. We laughed pretty hard, and had a blast. Everyone stayed up until midnight so we could bring in the New Year with a parade around our culdesac and lot's of noise from banging pots . . . .thank you Kelli :)

The kids all geared up for the New Year

The Old men playing blokus and contemplating life. . . . the hats look so funny on them.

The ladies in the kitchen around the food. . . . . Can you find Waldo? hint: she's in a white shirt behind the island making a goofy face.. . . . . and her name is Emma!!!

Dance Dance Dance


Stephanie said...

I remember watching you and Brian dance to "The Right Stuff" while you made me and Janae hold flashlights to create a spotlight for you guys. I want to see you do the "oh oh o-oooh" move again!!

GO Gray's said...

I remember that too and I can still do the oh oh oooohh part!! Too funny!

Anie said...

You guys have WAY too much fun!!!!!